'I Don't Need a Bargain, I'm Worth Full Price'

Written by Rebecca Smith on .

Those were the words from a recent client who had presented to the clinic with weight management issues.  This particular lady knew why she was struggling to lose weight and needed my help to achieve her goals.  She talked of being an ‘emotional eater’ for all of her life and wanted to change her current behaviour for a more appropriate one.  My client, Lucy (name has been changed) talked of struggling to walk past the ‘cheap’ chocolate section in a local store, somehow convincing herself that as the chocolates were cheap, they were a bargain and she must have them.

I explained the Cognitive Thinking Cycle to her, a well-used NLP model, meaning that the way she was thinking, affected the way she feels which affects the way she behaves. This led to a discussion about where this thought process may have come from, in this case her childhood and what she would rather think that would change her feelings and behaviours.

In this particular session, we used Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to address and change her current thinking process, opening the way for great changes to happen.  And……….great changes DID happen. Lucy would, at this time, no longer describe herself as an emotional eater, a label that she had been carrying for almost all of her life, but as a person who is able to say ‘ I don’t need a bargain, as I’m worth full price’.

Weight management issues come literally in all shapes and sizes and all manner of guises.  What you need to help you lose weight is very different than the next person.  That’s why at Newport Complementary Health Clinic, we haveSlim and Grin’ in place, a mood and food weight loss programme to address your individual weight loss needs. The programme consists of Life Coaching sessions, Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and Kinesiology, to ensure all areas of your life are addressed. Check out ‘Slim and Grin’ and ‘Clinic Information’ for more details.

Why not grin while you slim!!

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