Emotional Freedom Technique

Written by Rebecca Smith.

A powerful mind / body healing tool that can reduce years of healing sessions to a few minutes. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an incredible tool with incredible flexibility that can have profound effects on physical ailments as well as reducing the emotional load, allowing healing where all else has failed.

“The cause of ALL negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy systems”.  Psychotherapy holds the belief that a negative emotion is caused by a negative or traumatic memory or event.  It was discovered that an extra phase, where the smooth flowing energy in the body’s meridians was disrupted, exists between the memory and the negative emotion.  And it is this disturbance that can cause physical and / or emotional pain. For many hundreds of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has focused on balancing the energy channels (meridians) of the body by use of acupuncture and herbs etc.  Kinesiology is also based on the same system, by use of different means. And EFT works on a similar principal.

Emotional Freedom Technique does not try to undo the thoughts and memories. This meridian based therapy directly intervenes at the energy disruption stage.  When the meridian is balanced again you no longer experience the pain or negative emotion from the original thought or memory.

“In clinical practice I use EFT on its own, as part of a Kinesiology session or alongside Hypnotherapy and NLP.  This simple procedure of tapping on energy meridian points allows healing where many other therapies have failed.  I teach a simple form to clients to use whenever the need arises, so that it can become a trusted and helpful part of their lives”.

ALL TAPPING IS GOOD FOR YOU, you can’t get it wrong and as it re-balances your natural energy systems, it relaxes and calms you, while it works on the problem that you are addressing.

EFT can be used on anyone of any age.  It has been used to remove emotions from memories, to strengthen affirmations and improve personal performance.  It can help with addictions, allergies, bereavement, confidence, conflict, cravings, fears, giving up smoking, improving learning, love pain, money issues, phobias, public performance, relationships, sexual issues, sports, weight loss, willpower and the list goes on!

“You will be amazed at just how effective EFT is and how much you can do with it”.


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