Life Coaching

Written by Rebecca Smith.

Using the power of commitment, Life Coaching enables you to achieve beneficial and measureable results in all areas of your life.  It takes your individual needs into account and enables and empowers you to close the gap between thinking about doing and actually doing.  Life Coaching allows you to create a life full of balance and fulfilment.

Feeling stuck in a bad place and not knowing how to move forward is a common way to feel for many people.  Life Coaching invites you to realise that “clients have all the resources that they need to solve their own problems and to remove the obstacles that prevent this from happening” (Curly Martin – The Life Coaching Handbook).  Your coach will elicit the answers from you which will enable you to begin your journey for successful results.  By deciding on your own answers to your problems, you are more committed to achieve the end goal.  Coaches do not give advice, they work with you.

It is most important that you consider all aspects of your life as Life Coaching is founded on the idea that a holistic approach should be taken, allowing you to work on all areas simultaneously.  If one area is considered in isolation to others, imbalance and dis-satisfaction can occur. 

A Life Coach client will often be experiencing conflict between what they want and their values and beliefs.  It’s this that causes under performance. Our belief systems, which we turn to for guidance throughout our lives, are usually developed in childhood. As we move into adulthood, these beliefs often become outdated, yet their strong principals still guide us.  For some it is necessary to address these beliefs in order to re asses them, for others, change and success can occur anyway.

“The 1st step towards success is knowing what it is that you aim to do” (Curly Martin).  And your Life Coach will push you to change for the better, taking your individual needs into account and working with you to devise an action plan allowing you to achieve and to achieve easily.  This is a holistic process that has the power to balance and harmonise your life.

“In practice I use a variety of techniques and tools to allow you to take action and enable you to achieve the goals set out in the Life Coaching sessions".  An integrated approach that offers you an excellent opportunity to remove all obstacles from your life allowing you to reach your full potential.  As your coach I will be there for you when everyone else thinks you are bad, mad or sad.  I understand that you have a huge potential that is just waiting to be released.  I can help”.

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