Written by Rebecca Smith.

Hypnosis is a totally safe, natural part of human experience - not sleep, unconsciousness, not magic or mind control.  A natural state that accesses the sub-conscious -the powerful control centre of our minds.  The sub-conscious "tape records" all experiences we have ever had and tapping into it can uncover the source of your problems, allowing you to correct the mis-understandings and strengthen or change behaviours, feelings or attitudes according to your needs.

Everyone is able to go into this relaxed state naturally - should they wish.

Hypnosis helps you to help yourself - simply for peace and relaxation as well as for therapy. Experienced as a natural, day-dreamy state of mind. We enter this state quite naturally as we go into sleep and when waking again in the morning. It can be identified as an altered state of awareness, daydreaming or the same feeling as driving a car on 'automatic' pilot. Body and mind become relaxed enabling feelings of security, well being and contentment. Its from here that the sub-conscious mind can be accessed.

Hypnotherapy can be used to help many issues both emotional and physical. I have helped clients address weight issues, stopping smoking, giving up alcohol, fears, phobias, anxiety, personal development, stress, career development, job burnout, relationship issues, memory, panic, fear of flying, public speaking, pre-surgery nerves, eating disorders, low self esteem, confidence, PTSD, addictions, childhood issues, grief and much, much more. 


"There are many ways in which hypnotherapy can help you with your problems. I offer various approaches, working in agreement with my client. A combination of analysis to remove the root of the problem, along with positive, post-hypnotic suggestion, often forms the basic framework, allowing for a more thorough, successful result.  The sub-conscious mind does not differentiate between 'real' and 'imagined' meaning that relevant positive suggestions can easily be absorbed into the mind.

It is important to be aware, that working on the root cause of a problem is always the preferred method for long lasting results.  I offer a flexible, yet structured approach to achieve this.  The sub-conscious mind is a vast memory bank of information and can offer the areas in a persons life that are holding significant negative experiences, which are contributing to the problem.  The areas storing the negative emotions can be from this present lifetime or from a past life.

Past Life Regression Therapy is a valuable resource in my practice which I use if needed to help a client move forward so that they can achieve their goals and be all that they want to be.  Belief in past lives is not necessary for positive results to be achieved.  All that I ask is for my client to be open minded and be willing to try.  Please be aware that I encourage spontaneous experience of a past life with a client, in no way leading or planting the suggestion.

My trainer on this subject, Steve Burgess is an expert in this field and says, "I take the concept of Past Life Therapy seriously and I do not accept most, if not all of the commonly held beliefs or accusations made against therapists who work in past lives".

Using the valuable memory of information that is the sub-conscious mind, Past Life Regression Therapy may be indicated for some, but not for others. It is just one of the many services I can offer you as a qualified Hypnotherapist."


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