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Unlocking Your Potential - Part 2
Take Action

My last Nova editorial promised more in how to ‘unlock your potential’ and the key simply, is to TAKE ACTION.  Albert Einstein was quoted as saying: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” Unless you take action to do things differently, nothing will change. People who are sad are sad, people who are angry are angry etc. and they stay this way until they do something to change that.

At Newport Complementary Health Clinic, my days are spent helping people just like you to understand that you are a product of your own thoughts. What you think affects the way that you feel which results in behaviour. By the time a client presents to me, they are usually aware that they are feeling and/or behaving in a ways that are inappropriate for them. I help them to take action, allowing them to re-frame their thinking which changes everything else. It is liberating, exciting and often life changing.

The Top 5 Tips to Change Your Life, if followed, will show you that action = better results = more motivation = more action = better results = more motivation etc. etc.


Spend 30 minutes every day ‘standing guard at the door of your mind’ and educate it with information on the situation/problem that you want to change. Read, search the internet, and investigate what you need to know to change the situation. It is easier than ever to research these days, make use of the wonderful resources. If you are stressed for example, read up on the subject, the cause, what works to change it and do it.


We all know the benefits of regular exercise and science has proved that it changes our bio-chemistry instantly, yet over 75% of people don’t do it. As I write, a new study published today from the British Heart Foundation and Oxfordshire University, reports that ‘around 1 in 3 (30%) of children and young people are overweight or obese’. Exercise creates endorphins (natural feel good chemicals) in the body and may just lift you to help you feel better and take further action to achieve more.


Having faith in something ‘bigger’ than you allows you to feel good about helping and giving back. Join, get involved or contribute to a charity, religion, local sports team or the kids PTA for example. Aspiring to something that is bigger than your pain creates a feeling of meaning and purpose which is very important if you want to thrive.


Working with someone around you who behaves/functions in a way that you want can prove extremely motivational. Model them and copy them to find out how they do things. Be inspired and motivated by your boss, a friend,  PT instructor or hire a mentor. Work with them to achieve what you want whether you are overweight, stressed, depressed, anxious etc.


No matter how bad, sad or mad you feel, remember that there is always someone worse off than you. This helps to put your life into perspective and when you change your thinking, you change your feelings and your behaviour.

Each and every one of us has the potential to unlock something within us that will allow us to take action to change our own lives. We need to live life like it matters and know that happiness comes from progress.

Rebecca Smith

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Rebecca Smith
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