Who Wants Abundant Energy - Part 1

Written by Rebecca Smith.

Rebecca Smith
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Who Wants Abundant Energy - Part 1

As a Complementary Therapist, clients consult me with a wide range of problems and issues but by far, the biggest complaint is a lack of energy.  Low energy seems to accompany nearly all of the health issues that I see in the clinic, not always as the main reason for the visit, but usually as a "oh, and I also have no energy either” type of comment.  Once the presenting symptoms have improved, on asking a client how their health could improve further, nearly all add, “my energy levels would be better”.

Think back – when was the last time you felt full of energy for the whole day?  Many of us long to bounce out of bed ready to face the day with plenty of stamina to see us through a whole day.  Others report that they wish they had more energy to exercise regularly or to have the energy and motivation to cook healthier meals. 

It seems that a lack of energy is one of the consequences of 21st centuary living.  We lead busy lives, juggling work and family commitments, ever changing technology dictating that we can be “on call” e- mailing and answering mobiles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   This fast paced lifestyle takes its toll, lethargy and for some, exhaustion, are just some of the warning signs that the body will produce.

As adaptable human beings, we have found ways around these issues and learnt how to “manage” our tiredness.  We drink stimulating beverages like coffee, tea and cola.  Sugar and refined carbohydrates pep us up (for a short time only and then along comes the slump!).  Cigarettes, junk food and the ever increasing range of caffeine based pills and “shot” drinks, have become the daily crutch for some, especially the young (who are meant to have more energy, aren’t they?) and their low energy status becomes the norm. 

Yet even though it appears that this is the consequence of our lives today, if we were to think and have some understanding of what causes the body to feel tired – which as stated earlier is a warning signal to do something different – we can take simple steps to arm our bodies with the resources that it needs for optimum energy production.

There are many issues to consider when it comes to improving energy and its worth remembering that the human body is a complicated machine, performing hundreds of tasks on a daily basis.  Like any machine, it requires the correct fuel and servicing to function well.  We are the masters of our own health, it’s up to us to feed, service and maintain the often “perfect” bodies that we were born into.

My next series of Nova articles will cover some of the fascinating areas that are associated with energy levels, including how energy is made by the body, the thyroid gland, the importance of stable blood sugar, sleep, stress and more, helping you to achieve abundant energy.

As always, with any health condition, it’s always wise to see your GP and now may be the time to take those steps to achieve a level of energy that determines a new level of health and wellbeing.

Rebecca Smith at Newport Complementary Health Clinic.

Rebecca Smith
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