When the Symptom's a Signal

Written by Rebecca Smith.

Rebecca Smith
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When the Symptom's Signal

Pain is probably one of the most debilitating symptoms that any illness can display.  The illness can be physical, emotional or a combination of both.  Pain, whether it is felt on a regular basis or only occasionally, can be wearing, annoying, upsetting, worrying, draining or just pretty hard going.

Usually, most of us do not think of pain as a positive symptom.  We can go to the local chemist for painkillers or see our GP if the pain continues.  If we are lucky, the pain will go away, but the root cause of the problem will still be lurking in the body, usually to show itself at a later date, often in a different place, and usually much worse.


Change those symptoms of pain into a signal!  Take notice of the pain.  It is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong and that you need to do something different.  If you sit at the computer all day, you may feel some tension in your neck.  Shift position, take a break and move around.  Your body is alerting you for the need to change something or the tension in your neck may be felt tomorrow as a dull ache in your lower back.  Ignore that and a week later you reach into the car to pick up the shopping and arghh! You have a shooting pain in you back and need a week off work!


Without pain, we would not recognise the need to cover a wound to protect it from dangerous infection.  Neither would we recognise the need to set a broken arm to allow it to heal.  People forget that emotions can be painful too.  Unwanted emotions act just like splinters.  If left they “get under your skin”, fester and can cause real pain and suffering.

It is also important to remember, that but only removing the pain and doing nothing else, you may be setting up your body for the same problem again, or you could be removing an indicator that is telling you there is something seriously wrong.  Removing the symptom does not remove the cause.

Be willing to make some changes.  Diet, exercise, nutritional supplements all have a place.


But how about using your sub conscious mind to remove not only the pain but also the cause?  We have the best pharmacy right there in our minds, at no cost and with no side effects!

A visit to a qualified Hypnotherapist can open up a wonderful way for you to be in control and remove the root emotional causes of your pain, whether physical or emotional.


Kinesiology can help to discover the true causes more than 80% of all health problems that you either put up with because you think it can’t be solved or because it isn’t bad enough to go to the G.P.  By using Kinesiology regularly to address imbalances, I help the body to solve many small problems long before larger ones get chance to develop.  This can lead the way for true prevention.

Over 100 years ago, Thomas Edison said, “the doctor of the future will give no medicines, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and the cause and prevention of disease”. Well not quite there yet! But Kinesiology is destined to become an indispensible universal tool in healthcare in years to come.

We live in hazardous times which are getting worse.  Kinesiology is already a lifeline for millions of people. Could you be one of them who benefit?  Pain is necessary, but it doesn’t mean you have to suffer.  Listen to your body; it may be trying to tell you something.

Rebecca Smith at Newport Complementary Health Clinic.

Rebecca Smith
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