A Brief Look At Hypnotherapy

Written by Rebecca Smith.

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A Brief Look At............Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be described as many things and comes from the Greek word Hypnos meaning sleep, which is an inaccurate description of the experience – as the experience is entirely different to sleep!

A reasonable explanation is that hypnosis “is a state of mind, enhanced by (although not exclusively) mental and physical relaxation, in which our sub-conscious is able to communicate with our conscious mind”.

Our sub-conscious mind literally runs the body.  Think of it as the software in the computer or as I put it to my clients, “the guy who’s running the show”.  If you want to behave or think differently, it’s ineffective talking to the conscious mind.  For example, waking one morning and saying “today I’m not going to smoke / drink alcohol / bite my nails / be nervous for my presentation / feel depressed etc.”  The conscious mind is not running your behaviour – talk to the “main man”!

Everyone has the potential to be hypnotised – as long as they are willing.  Some work better in an altered state than others, although being “deep” is not necessary for most aspects of therapy.  Some clients feel they can’t have been hypnotised, as although they found the experience relaxing and beneficial, they were aware of everything around them – where they were, the background sounds etc.  As I explain, this is totally normal as hypnosis is not sleep, just an altered state that we have all been experiencing since the day we were born.  Trance can be likened to daydreaming or the experience of when you lose yourself between the covers of a good book when hours seem to slip by like minutes.  The drivers among us have all at sometime or another pulled out of the drive at home and when reaching our destination, “forgot” how we got there, yet know we obeyed all the traffic signals and were polite to the others on the road.  That, is altered awareness.

All hypnotherapists have their own unique style of working with their tools. It’s really about whether their style works for you.  In my practice, I combine hypnotherapy with other appropriate counselling and therapeutic techniques.  Working on the root cause of a problem is often, but not always, deemed the best approach.  But old buried emotions act like splinters, they rot and fester.  The relief obtained from clearing the root of the issue, can for some, be life changing.  Positive suggestion therapy encourages the sub-conscious mind to think / feel / behave differently.  Working closely with my clients allows me to discover what it is that they want to achieve, something that when asked, most do not have an answer.  The sub-conscious mind needs clear, firm direction – tell it what you want and with the right approach, it can be achieved.

When people learn part of my work at the clinic is as a hypnotherapist, I often get asked about Past Life Regression.  Many people it seems are curious and to be honest, the subject is surrounded with a totally un-necessary amount of mystery.  I’m sure there are some therapists who sensationalise the subject, but as a therapist who works in regression, Past Life is just another part of that type of therapy.   A belief in past lives is not necessary, just an open mind.  Freeing a client from an event in a past life that is indicated to be connected to causing their problem, is often hugely significant.  Working in this area involves a very specific technique, ensuring a direct, non suggestive approach.  This means the session remains credible at all times.

As the title suggests, this article gives you a brief look at this huge subject but you can find more information regarding hypnotherapy, past life regression under the Hypnotherapy heading on this website.


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