Female Hormones Part 2

Written by Rebecca Smith.

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Female Hormones Part 2

“Women are the canaries in the coalmine, warning us of imminent danger, of disturbances no one else can see or feel” *

As discussed in Part 1, women’s health is dictated by the balance of their hormones.  When problems occur, it can be “sheer hell” as often reported by clients.

This article follows the last, giving brief information regarding common female hormonal problems.  It goes without saying, drinking plenty of water, eating a nutritionally balanced diet avoiding caffeine, alcohol and sugar, taking regular exercise and stress management are often the recommendations given to female clients.

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) / Pre-Menstrual Tension (PMT)

True PMT has symptoms starting up to 10 days prior to a period, being relieved as the period starts.  Symptoms range from, mood swings, anxiety, depression, abdominal bloating, swelling of body, breast tenderness, lack of energy, insomnia, headache, backache, constipation, diarrhoea, craving sugar or carbohydrates.

Estrogen dominance is often the culprit, being affected by the issues discussed last time, with the hormone progesterone, being low. In practice I find the use of specific nutrients can lend support, some perhaps because they act on the pituitary gland in the brain, which controls the production of female hormones.

Specific female tests can be carried out for a clear picture of hormonal health. These usually have to be paid for privately through practitioners such as myself.

Painful Periods (Dysmenorrhoea)

Usually this pain subsides within a couple of days of the period starting.  Again a high estrogen, low progesterone picture usually presents. The advice given to clients in the past has often been regarding attention to diet and lifestyle, with the addition of nutritional supplements.

Heavy Periods (Menorrhagia)

Excess estrogen causes the womb lining to build up creating the problem of more blood at period time.  Medical investigation is recommended to rule out problems such as fibroids, endometriosis, polyps, pelvic inflammatory disease, thyroid imbalances, anaemia etc.  Holistically, I may ask my female clients to pay attention to essential fatty acids and linseeds in the diet and all previous observations for improving estrogen balance.  Stress is a major player in heavy, menstrual bleeding.

No Periods (Amenorrhoea)

Primary – periods have never started.  Medical investigation is required.

Secondary – periods had started at puberty but have stopped.

Common causes are pregnancy, Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), coming off the pill, high prolactin, weight issues, thyroid imbalances, stress, and excess exercise.

Nutritional supplements can be used to "kick start" the hormonal cycle.

Irregular Periods

Causes can be PCOS, cervical abnormalities, hormone imbalances, fibroids, beginning of the menopause, infections or other.  Essential fats, nuts, seeds, beans and fibre in the diet can be taken.  Attention to weight, stress and support for the liver should be considered.  Medical tests are advised to determine the cause of the problem.

“Women are not defective but rather wonderfully designed and sensitive beings that can thrive and be healthy with attention to a few natural laws of biology.  Medications are not needed to be healthy” *

As always, please seek professional advice when dealing with female hormonal problems.  Some natural supplements cannot be taken with existing medications.
The information contained in this article is intended for information purposes only.  It is not intended to replace the advice of a medical practitioner, nor is it intended to offer the reader advice on the condition or symptoms mentioned.  Always seek the advice of a medical practitioner before embarking on any new health regime.

In the next edition, menopause, poly cystic ovary syndrome, fibroids, menstrual migraine and more.

Rebecca Smith, Newport Complementary Health Clinic.

*ref. Hyman MA, The life cycles of women: restoring balance. Altern. Ther Health Med. 2007 May-Jun:13(3):10-4,16.


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