Bach Rescue Remedy

Written by Rebecca Smith.

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Bach Rescue Remedy

Comfort and reassurance in a bottle.  A combination of 5 flower remedies naturally made from tree and plant.


Dr Edward Bach discovered 38 flower remedies, each designed for a specific emotional and mental state.  They can be used to gently ease distress and combat ill health by enabling harmony and peace to flood our lives.  Now available in drops, a spray, pastilles or cream (for external use).

Rescue Remedy was created for emergency use by people in times of emotional upset.  The remedy is a combination of:

  • Rock Rose – for terror.
  • Impatiens – for impatience.
  • Clematis – for keeping your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Star of Bethlehem – for the effects of shock.
  • Cherry Plum – for the fear of the mind giving way, for going over the edge.

Rescue Remedy helps you to face a situation in a better frame of mind.  It can also be used for stressful events such as a driving test, taking exams, dentist nerves, fear of flying, a bereavement, coping with the children etc.

It is an excellent remedy whenever you feel uptight or unduly bothered and usually restores balance.  Take it at any time you feel less than good.  On occasions where your mind is overactive, take a dose or two in the evenings before going to sleep.


Rescue remedy can also be used after an accident of any kind.  An immediate dose can help remove fear in the victim and the onlookers and provide the comfort and reassurance needed at such times.

Invaluable Support

It is important to remember that Rescue Remedy is not intended to replace medical treatment but can be an invaluable support whilst waiting for help in an emergency.  It is natural, extremely safe, non-habit forming and will not interfere with medical treatment.  It can be used by adults, children, babies – it is also very useful for animals and plants too!

Skin Condition

Bach Rescue Remedy is also available as a cream which is a general skin salve to soothe and restore and can be used on a range of skin conditions and wherever the skin has suffered a “trauma”.  That could be a cut, a bruise or an insect bite or sting, for example.

Dr Bach believed this simple system of healing would be the medicine of the future.  He hoped that one day it would be found in every home and be considered as vital as sticking plasters.

This article only allows for a brief introduction to Bach Rescue Remedy – it is always preferable to seek advice from a practitioner of Kinesiology to advise you.

Rebecca Smith


Rebecca Smith
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