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Written by Rebecca Smith.

Rebecca Smith
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Kids Stuff

Are crisps, fizzy pop, chocolates, cakes and biscuits your child’s idea of a balanced diet?  Sounds familiar doesn’t it? And it’s the cause for concern of many parents in our modern society.

Given the choice, not many children would eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables with many glasses of water spaced at regular intervals throughout the day.  As parents, however much you try to make them eat well; it can seem like an impossible task.  It is no surprise as to how children make their food choices, as junk food is cheap, readily available and marketed on TV in a way that appeals to their age group.  How can a plate of fresh, homemade food compete against that special secret recipe fried chicken that comes in a box?

Research has shown that a bad diet can lead to health problems in childhood and later in life.  As a Systematic Kinesiologist, I see many children with a variety of health complaints, skin problems, migraines, female menstrual problems, constipation to name a few and diet has a bearing on all of those conditions.

So what can we do? Firstly parents should lead by example.  Children copy their elders, so if they see you eating healthily, guess what? They eat healthily too.

As often as possible, make family mealtimes a regular part of life.  Our lives are so busy these days, that to all sit around a table and eat together may seem an impossible task.  If it can only be at Sunday lunch, then that’s a start.

Encourage the children, no matter what their age, to get involved in the cooking process.  Research shows that children are more likely to eat food that they have cooked.

It is said that if you present a new food to a child 10 times, they will more than likely eat it.  So if it’s refused the 1st time, re-present it on another occasion, don‘t give up.

Many children’s diet naturally improves with age so don’t despair!

It is incredibly important to supplement children's diets with extra nutrition for all of the reasons above.  A good quality multi vitamin supplement and a child friendly fish oil containing omega 3 essential fatty acids, could be considered.

Systematic Kinesiology can help your child’s health by identifying food intolerances and addressing imbalances which could be causing unnecessary symptoms and suffering.

Rebecca Smith


Rebecca Smith
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