Spring Into Positive Thoughts

Written by Rebecca Smith.

Rebecca Smith
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Spring Into Positive Thoughts

Many holistic therapies promote the power of thinking positively.  Whether it is acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnotherapy or kinesiology, most practitioners would agree that if you think that you will never recover from an illness or that you will never stop smoking or ever feel good about yourself, then the chances are - you won’t!

Important qualities

As small children, we usually have good confidence and reasonably high self-esteem.  As adulthood approaches, we often realise we have somehow lost these important qualities.  Most health problems in this country can be traced back to a lack of self esteem.  If it were possible to have an injection of it, every now and again, we would all be better off for it!

Promote positive thoughts

Positive thinking does not always come easy.  Our subconscious mind knows it’s the correct thing to do and is easily led, but consciously it is hard to achieve.

There are a variety of tools available to help you think with a more positive attitude.  Visualisation techniques, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques and Bach Flower Remedies are just a few examples.

Self hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is a wonderful way to teach yourself to be more positive and not only encourages relaxation, but is much more directive and creative.  Self hypnosis can achieve much in life, giving us the opportunity to use the 90% of our mind that is sub-conscious, allowing us to discover strengths, resources, motivation, habit control etc. advancing us to our true potential.

Many are surprised to discover that they can hypnotise themselves easily with some practice.  A good hypnotherapist can teach and guide you and once learnt, self hypnosis can be used in many ways, not only for positive thinking.  To refresh yourself when taking a long car journey, to control pain, to speed up healing after an operation, improve memory; develop self confidence and so on.

How successful is it?  Self hypnosis can be very successful for the person who is prepared to apply it reasonably regularly.  The more used the better.  One of the most beneficial outcomes is the release of stress and strain, doubt and negativity that is brought on by everyday living.

Self hypnosis is a valuable tool and is a skill well worth having, giving you the means to change and improve your life.


Think yourself well

So if you have a problem, whether it be physical or nutritional or emotional, take a few moments to think if you are so despondent about the situation, that you could be making yourself worse – when you could be thinking yourself well!  It really does make sense.


Rebecca Smith


Rebecca Smith
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