Allergic to summer?

Written by Rebecca Smith.

Rebecca Smith
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Allergic to Summer?

Itchy eyes, stuffy, runny nose, repeated sneezing and feeling washed out and tired?  You could be one of the 6 million people in the UK who will, this summer suffer with hay fever, an allergic reaction to pollen.  Described as an oversensitivity of the nose to pollen from grass, plants, trees or even spores from mould and mildew.  Pollen is present in the air around us and inevitably some gets into the eyes or lands on linings of the nose and throat.  The body responds by releasing chemicals such as histamine, which are those that cause the symptoms. Unfortunately the condition becomes apparent just at the time when we want to be enjoying the summer outdoors.


The reported cases of hay fever have increased by about 30% since 1955 and it is believed that we could be on the verge of an epidemic.  It is thought that living in a ‘bacteria free’ environment, which is both unnatural and unhealthy; it is causing our immune systems to be ineffective in developing natural resistance to infections and allergies.  Stressors such as poor diet, chemical overload, emotional anguish and stress have all been blamed for playing an unhealthy part in lowering the immune system, increasing the chance of developing allergic symptoms.


So what can you do to help yourself?

  • Avoid exposure to the allergens by closing windows and wearing sunglasses.
  • Plan your day to avoid high pollen count times – highest mid morning, late afternoon and early evening.
  • Calm the immune system with recommended nutritional supplements.
  • Ease the symptoms with Bach Flower Remedies – impatiens for irritability, walnut for protection from outside influences, Rescue Remedy for stress and tension.
  • Improving the diet, regular exercise and removing stress are all recommended to improve the efficacy of the immune system.


Anti histamines or steroid based nasal sprays are commonly used by orthodox medicine and can be effective at removing the symptoms.  But using a treatment in the form of a chemical drug, further adds to the burden of the system you are trying to help!  And they do not treat the cause.  Do you really want to risk the side effects of orthodox treatments?

As always, it is wise to seek help from a professional such as a Kinesiologist when choosing alternative supplements and inform your GP if taking prescribed medication.


Rebecca Smith


Rebecca Smith
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