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The 21st Century is an amazing place to be right now with our high tech gadgets, medical discoveries and advancement in practically every area of our lives. And yet, in my world of health, fitness, nutrition and medicine, there are still worrying gaps in our participation and utilisation of this advance. It makes me think that the more advanced we become, the more complicated it feels. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, right?

Working in the clinic, my observation over the last year or so is that people are so confused with all the information they are given, that they have almost stopped trying. Is that how it feels? I’ve found that in my Kinesiology sessions, when addressing diet and lifestyle changes that my advice is going back to what I originally recommended to my clients, nearly 20 years ago.


It’s almost become accepted that you can take a nutritional supplement to help you to feel better, but have you forgotten about the simple basics?

Are you sitting on the sofa, in front of the TV, with that I Pad on your knee whilst eating? Do you sit at your desk, work on the computer and try and negotiate your lunch? Was your evening meal last night cooked from scratch, using simple, fresh, quality ingredients? Did you drink 8 glasses of plain water yesterday? Or exercise at least 3 x this week?

Don’t feel bad! Most people are not taking the simple steps needed to ensure long-term, good health.  Don’t you want to be bouncing your Great Grandchildren on your non-arthritic knees when you are in your 80’s?? I know I do! And it can be achieved with a little thought, preparation and planning. Most of my clients ARE doing it with amazing results, so that when they present for a ‘maintenance’ appointment, there is very little in their health that needs addressing.

Part of my role as a Life Coach is to help you identify what needs to change in order to be well and help you to do it! Most of us know what we could be doing, but aren’t doing it. You can’t achieve anything if you don’t know what your goals are or how to action them. Yet knowing what you want is the first step in getting what you want.

Keep It Simple Sweetheart!!  Simple measures bring super rewards. 

Keeping it simple tonight with Organic Beef Stew.

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