Go Go Go Get It!!

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My website designer friend has been on at me about blogging for several years now and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve only recently ‘got round to it’.  But now that I have, I quite like it.  It may seem as though I’m just rambling on, but there is always a point!  I have to say that since my holiday to a sunny island, I’ve been lacking inspiration and motivation to tap on the keys and then I realised that this very issue was a good topic for my blog!


In the type of issues and problems that clients bring into Newport Complementary Health Clinic, procrastination has to feature pretty high up there.  The definition of procrastination is ‘putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention’.  Many clients talk of needing or wanting to do something but regularly seeing the task as too big, too time consuming, too painful etc., so they never actually tackle it.  This type of problem shows itself in a wide variety of areas in a person’s life.  I can think of a current client who has said she needs to de-clutter her home in order to make the decision whether to sell, which would have a positive chain effect in her life.  I can recall a conversation with a 40 something year old man who felt that in order to be truly happy, he needed to leave his wife, but couldn’t face starting the conversation he needed to have with her about their relationship.  And then there was the ambitious business owner who felt that she could do so much better professionally and personally, if she could just face the fact that she had outgrown her current life and take the steps that she needed to in order to start that ball rolling.  And so the variants go on and on.

Of course, all of those mentioned have different reasons for procrastinating but by doing so, they all realise that they are unfulfilled, as they put off the decisions they need to make.  Every one of those clients could give me a list of why they could take action and even what would be the positive results.  It’s just the ‘taking action’ part that they need help with.

In this type of scenario at the clinic, I need to identify a number of problem areas, in order to help the client take action, to allow them to achieve their goals.  Some clients need to know why they don’t take the action; this is where Hypnotherapy can help by finding the root cause.  Other clients need to realise how they procrastinate, how that looks, feels and sounds to them.  And here I can use Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to help them change and model how they successfully take action in other areas of their lives and apply that to the problem.  And for some, they don’t actually know what action they need to take in order to get their goal, so I use Life Coaching models to help them learn and move forward.

As a Coach, I don’t give advice, but if it were me, I would take time to sell to myself the positive benefits of taking action, I would get professional help from someone with qualifications like myself and I would believe in myself that I could do it, that my life will improve because of those positive actions and that I could learn from this process in a positive way for the rest of my rewarding life.

As Ghana’s Paralympic Team would say, GO, GO, GO GET IT!!

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