The Estate Agent & His Monk, The Millionaire and The Nun

Written by Rebecca Smith on .

I'm pretty down to earth, something that I'm proud to admit, so what I'm about to write in this week's blog pushes me to a new height.

I met an inspiring Estate Agent recently, who shared with me his vision for his future.  Having worked extremely hard in his life, he had stumbled across a piece of writing that had helped him move forwards in a different direction.  Not wanting to miss out and as he had spoken so highly of this work, I decided to read it too.  Now, I've only just started reading but I have already fallen for the ways of the Monk and his teachings.


The Monk realised that the world, which includes his inner world, is a very special place.  And that success on the outside means nothing unless you have success on the inside. There is a huge difference between well-being and being well off.  I know it's an old cliche', but how can you care for others if you can't even care for yourself?  How can you do good if you don't even feel good?  How can you love others if you can't even love yourself?

"The more we rush around the less we do.  And the more we spin around the less we move".  We miss so much in our lives and forget to appreciate the little things. This week I'm giving gratitude to the sunshine, good food, new and old friends, a good belly laugh, my strong, black morning coffee and the Queen!!.  What simple things are you appreciating today?

Working at Newport Complementary Health Clinic allows me the great pleasure of interacting with all sorts of people, from all walks of life.  What an indulgent treat to be able to have conversations with people who may not have crossed my path if they had not asked for my help in some way.  From the 1st moment the Nun walked into the clinic, I knew she was special.  I helped her and she helped me.  I'm not really sure how she helped me, but by us working together on her issues, we both gained something, of that I'm sure.  She lives a simplistic life, giving herself in silent prayer.  And while I would not wish to have her life, it seems so less complicated than that of many people I work with.  She reminds me of the Estate Agent's Monk.

The Coaching work that I participate in with clients at the clinic, uses mind techniques to erase the habit of worry that consumes so many of us in our complex lives. You can unleash the spring of youthfulness and energy that you have lying dormant within you.  Working with Kinesiology, NLP and Hypnotherapy teaches you to turn your attention inward and heal the inner person. An unbalanced, chaotic lifestyle causes great distress and ruptures your inner core.

Wouldn't you like to invest in some hours of inner work that will profoundly improve every waking moment of the rest of your life?  Investing in yourself is the best investment that you will ever make.  You stand to improve not only your own life but the lives of those around you.  When you have opened your own heart, you can touch the hearts of others.  When you get to the point of feeling centered and alive, you're in a much better position to be a better person.

Never overlook the power of simplicity.  Energy, peace, inner harmony, enthusiasm and a youthfulness are all slumbering within each and every one of us.  And with a knowledge that you want to change, you can. Life Coaching can show you how to simplify your life and NLP and Hypnotherapy can make sure you keep it that way.

And the Millionaire? Let's just call him P.  I don't actually know if he is a millionaire, but I know he owns a very successful business.  P has had a stressful and complicated time of it and as a result, has decided he wants to be free from it.  He reminds me of the high flyer attorney before he became the Monk.  P has looked into his heart and realised that there has to be another way and he is using a Life Coach to help him get there.  He's not there yet, but from what I can see, he's making great progress!

Sometimes we make connections with people and we walk alongside each other in life, sometimes for a period of time like me and my Nun and sometimes forever, as I'm sure I will with the Estate Agent and the Millionaire.  I would highly recommend feels just great!

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